Yesteryear Wicker

Yesteryear Wicker

Yesteryear Wickeris the world’s only antique wicker reproduction specialist who can reproduce this extremely labor intensive wicker at a price that can be afforded by today’s American family.

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I have been importing since 1987 when I decided to make my hobby, collecting antique wicker, into my profession. I could not believe that no one was reproducing, and thus preserving, such a fantastic part of America’s heritage. It seemed that every other style of antique furniture was being reproduced except this beautifully hand-crafted product, much of which was hand-made by Irish immigrants in the Boston area where the Heywood Wakefield Company originated.

Since 1987, however, wicker has steadily grown more popular every year and it now occupies the respect and affection it deserves. We, as a company, have come a long way since receiving that first container of wicker which we stored in my father’s barn. I had a phone installed in that barn so that I could take orders, pack them up then walk up to my father’s basement which was 100 yards away to type up the invoice. After forgetting to charge several customers due to fatigue, I figured I better hire some office help and we have been growing steadily ever since. We have not grown as fast as some importers because we wanted to make wicker that matched the quality of those skillful Irish immigrants of yesteryear. It has been an uphill struggle but we are proud to say, in all honesty and sincerity, that we have the highest quality wicker in the world, bar none. It is very hard for us to even find factories who will even attempt to make the intricate and complicated designs we import. We have been very fortunate to hook up many years ago with an Indonesian manufacturer who was educated in the United States and understands the requirements of the American consumer and who takes great pride in making the most difficult to make designs on the market today.


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