When people ask me what sets Taracea furniture apart from other furniture manufacturers, it is hard for me to answer since I have spent most of my life in this company. If you look deep into our history and our way of doing things, I believe the best answer would be that Taracea is different and unique, and I will try to explain why.

My first contact with the world of furniture and interiors was almost thirty years ago. I was fortunate to be invited to coordinate the restoration of an extensive collection of antique furniture from the Castle of Chapultepec. Here, I reviewed and learned about furniture construction, finishes and varnishes. I studied most of the woods used and, additionally, I was introduced to the history of classic furniture. That was my first experience in the art of furniture making.

Several ideas emerged from all this learning and, especially, a great deal of enthusiasm to start developing my own designs, a dream that shortly after, came true as a hobby, taking on the challenge to manufacture furniture with the same quality of the master ebanists. Those pieces caught the attention of family and friends, and that’s when the orders began. All of a sudden this hobby became my most important activity, leaving aside my other endeavors and interests.

Taracea USA
6619 South Dixie Highway, #338
Miami, FL 33143


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