Segusino Int’l

Segusino Int’l

Segusino began as a humble furniture workshop on the outskirts of Puebla in 1982.  Since then Segusino has established itself in international markets as a brand that trades upon product quality and value.  Segusino was awarded the national export prize in 1996 and has worked with local, national and international businesses to produce a unique blend of tradition, quality and innovation expressed through furniture.

We work with clients to meet their varying market needs.  Segusino has a production flexibility second to none with a catalogue of 850 items available in 12 finishes.  Segusino combines with a wide variety of handcrafted features, from marble and tiles to wrought iron, copper and cowhide.  Segusino designs and manufactures upholstery to combine with its cabinet furniture ranges.

Our distribution network covers all western markets and a National franchise chain of 28 exclusive Segusino stores.

We aim at delivering fair trade in every sense of the word.  We only use certified timber and use a variety of reclaimed woods.  We believe in making sure that employees get a fair day’s pay for their work, our ethos is that happy people are more productive.

We are actively involved in developing social projects that benefit the local community thorough education and recycling to Youth.

Segusino Int’l.
2 Sur No. 1300, Col. Centro,
Chipilo Puebla, CP 74325

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