During the summer of 1958 with the aid of four corner stakes driven in the ground encircled with a marker string, a shovel, a good set of hands and a strong back, Leck Adams began the arduous task of hand digging a foundation for a 20’ x 20’ hobby shop.

Located in High Point, North Carolina, the furniture capital of the world, it only made sense to put that hobby shop to work making something for the furniture industry.  The idea to produce wood turnings seemed appropriate at the time.  Thus the name Adams Wood Turning was born and still exists today.  Some forty-six years later, that hobby shop has grown to 100,000 square feet of updated manufacturing facility.  Quality and sense of pride has always been, and will continue to be, the benchmark the company operated under.  Adams Wood Turning still maintains some of its original customers.

During the year 1966, the company was looking to expand their horizons and add an additional floor of security to the already heavy schedule of the wood turning business.  This came from the fact the company wanted to utilize existing equipment and at the same time not compete with their existing customer base.

The decision was made to start a new division manufacturing lamps.  The new division operates today under the name “Sedgefield by Adams”.  The product line is made using various materials of solid brass, porcelain, crystal and solid wood.  Our product is designed to fit into today’s lifestyle and at the same time carry a bit of nostalgia.  When you observe a Sedgefield lamp make its way from a board of lumber and flow through the various machining operations on through the paint finishing operations, and assembled here to become a lamp, you quickly realize you’re not watching work, but rather workmanship.

Sedgefield by Adams opened its first showroom in 1966 at the October High Point Furniture Market with a 500-600 square foot showroom.  Today our showroom has approximately 6,500 square feet.

At the April 1992 market, Sedgefield by Adams introduced their first licensee collection, the “Bob Timberlake Collection”, which remains a strong collection for us today.  In 1998 at the October market, Sedgefield expanded the collection with the introduction of the “Bob Timberlake Arts & Crafts Collection”.

In April 2000, Sedgefield by Adams introduced another licensee, the “Ernest Hemingway Collection”, with its major launch following in October, 2000.

The October 2001 market was another mile stone with the “Bob Timberlake Collection”, by becoming the accessory licensee, and in April 2002 becoming the mirror licensee.  At this market we introduced a dozen hand painted, solid wood framed mirrors.

In October 2003, continuing to expand our product, Sedgefield by Adams became the mirror licensee for the “Ernest Hemingway Collection” and introduced 10 hand painted, solid wood framed mirrors.  Continuing in April 2004 by becoming the decorative home accessory licensee for the Hemingway Collection.

At the April 2004 market, Sedgefield by Adams introduced a different look by becoming the lighting licensee for the “Historic Charleston Collection”.

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