Karges Furniture

Karges Furniture

We often are asked by customers and designers “are you REALLY made in the USA?” Of course our answer is always a resounding “YES!” And though we are usually on the phone with our customers and not face to face, we still know that the expression on the faces at the other end of the phone is one of those “I want to believe you but…. really???” So we thought we’d clarify this ‘made in the USA’ as to what Made in the USA means to us. Many other companies boast this – until you read the fine print.

Karges Furniture’s one and only building is located in Evansville, Indiana. Our building was built in 1890 and the offices were added in 1980, then the lumber shed was added in 1992. In this cantankerous old building we have machines that have been here literally since the turn of the century; however, so you don’t think we are TOTALLY backwards, we do have many new machines from this century – even this decade!!! – ha. For those of us who have been here for many, many years we’ve grown to love this wonderful old building and it’s crazy old machines. Yet it isn’t this neat building, nor these age-old machines, nor the new ones that make us… well US. What makes Karges Furniture the amazing, unique, quirky company that we are is the hands. The hands of the employees who order the lumber and veneers from a local supplier, the hands of the men who bring in the lumber from the lumber shed, the hands of the men and women who mill, sand, build, dovetail, glue, cut, bleach, stain, fill, glaze, hand paint, leaf, lacquer, rub….. cannot be reproduced by any fabulous machine. Maybe we are biased but we know it cannot be done anywhere else but here in Southern Indiana by OUR employees.

We do not get parts and then assemble and finish from another supplier. We do not have a factory off-shore that manufactures for a lower cost then ships over on a container so we can put our label on it. It’s just us making furniture from the lumber to the finished product. Yes, we do import our chairs and a few small table bases because the manufacturing process for these items are different from a casegoods manufacturer (which is what Karges is). We have a few wonderful companies (families) that we have been doing business with for over sixty years in Northern Italy that make our chairs for us as well as a company in Colombia South America. That’s it – we have nothing to hide, it is no sleight of hand. We are what we are and that is and always has been a wonderful manufacturer of some of the finest furniture in the world. We take no shortcuts. Yes, it is expensive because it is expensive to make. We make no apologies or excuses for this. If you or your customer want the very finest furniture manufactured here in the United States we can do that. And we can do it well.

Karges Furniture Company
1501 West Maryland Street
Evansville, Indiana 47719


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