InnerAsia is committed to producing the finest possible handcrafted treasures from Tibet. Whether it is our richly textured rugs of brilliant design and colour, hand painted portable shrines and wood carvings, delicate Tibetan miniature paintings of the construction of the Potala or Samye or depiction of gallant mule drivers on the fabled Horse Caravan; Inner Asia brings you the best of Tibet’s arts and crafts tradition.

InnerAsia also travels throughout the region to assemble unique and beautiful collections of arts and crafts from Bhutan, India and Nepal. Our collections include stunning semi-precious jewellery from Rajasthan, Kashmiri scarves, handcrafted Kantha textiles from Bengal, tapestries from Bhutan, and the finest work in brass and bronze from the Newars of Kathmandu Valley. Like the great Silk Road merchants of earlier centuries, InnerAsia is committed to enriching our world by bringing you the best in handcrafted arts and crafts from artists and craftsmen from this culturally diverse and artistically vibrant region.

Empowering Artisans to Revitalize the Past and Create the Future

When Tashi returned to his homeland in1986, he discovered that Tibet’s centuries old rug weaving heritage, like most other traditional art forms in Tibet, had suffered the ravages of the Cultural Revolution. With the help of Master Weavers, Tashi started Tibet’s own arts and crafts movement. He began by providing training and generating livelihood for a new generation of weavers and wool artisans and together they restored and expanded upon Tibet’s rich rug weaving heritage.

More than 25 years ago, InnerAsia founded the Khawachen Arts and Craft Center in Lhasa to revitalize Tibetan rug weaving. Using that same model of success, Tashi and InnerAsia are now working with other artisans to create collections of arts and crafts products like the Tibetan Miniature Paintings, textiles and hand painted wood carvings that support these indigenous craft traditions. Tashi is promoting the intrinsic value of these distinctive artisanal products in the international market and China to create a sustainable and better livelihood for the artisans of Tibet and their fellow artisans abroad.

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