Harter Corp

Harter Corp

Many factors in the workplace are positively affected by creative workplace design, from productivity and quality to employee retention and the bottom line. That’s why, at Harter, we’ve always been passionate about solving workplace problems through intelligent design solutions that allow our customers to do their best work—to anticipate (and even eliminate!) workplace problems before they arise.

At Harter, we believe two simple ideas inform great design solutions: Choosing the right product for the function, and choosing the right colors and materials to create the desired mood. Our entire range of structural forms, materials, fabrics, and finishes is carefully curated to ensure that beauty and practical function always go hand in hand.

Harter is committed to designing and manufacturing products in a manner that protects our healthy work and world environments. We demonstrate our commitment by producing products that are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycles—starting with materials and manufacturing, and continuing through delivery, product use, and eventual disposal.

Harter Corp
17237 Van Wagoner Rd.
Spring Lake, MI 49456


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