Hamilton & Spill

Hamilton & Spill

Hamilton Spill Furniture Group (HS) is a privately held high-growth manufacturer of home furnishings, and the first North American furniture group to base itself in Asia. Brands in the Hamilton Spill Furniture Group portfolio include the Hamilton Spill collection, the Ozio reclining series, and the Craft Classics Collection. All HS products are manufactured in Asia.
HS sells its products through three different business channels as follows: Direct Container Business: The Group facilitates the purchase of a container of one type of product on behalf of a (usually larger) retail client. Purchaser can opt to have the Group taking care of financing, insurance, shipping and delivery of the products or can choose to ship the products F.O.B. Consolidated Container Business:

This revolutionary system was originally designed and developed by the Group. HS is one of the only few companies offering this option to retailers. Through the Group’s warehouses in Thailand and China retail customers have the ability to mix together products from different manufacturing facilities, with no minimum quantity, until there is enough of an assortment to fill a container. This consolidated container can then be shipped to the retailer, allowing independent operators to realize the financial benefits of larger, one-product, container shipments that are utilized by larger retailers. To facilitate these three different business channels, Hamilton Spill has warehouses in Bangkok (110,000 sq. ft.), China (450,000 sq. ft.),

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