A classic range of traditional hand made and hand painted Swedish Gustavian furniture.

We have the largest range of gustavian furniture: of Gustavian cabinets, gustavian dressers, gustavian desks, gustavian sofas, gustavian dining chairs, gustavian dining tables, gustavian carver chairs, gustavian couches, gustavian chaise longue, gustavian sideboards, gustavian stools, gustavian beds, gustavian chest of drawers, gustavian bedside tables, gustavian mirrors and much more Gustavian furniture. Our Gustavian furniture is often featured in leading interior magazines in the UK and abroad. Check our ‘in the Press’ for our latest Gustavian furniture feature.

Our Gustavian furniture is hand made for us in Sweden by traditional craftsmen with a detailed knowledge of Gustavian furniture. Our range of paint finishes compliemets our Gustvian furniture.

Gustavian cabinets, Gustavian Bookcases, Gustavian writing desks & Gustavian secretaires, Gustavian Hall Tables, Gustavian Lamp Tables & |Gustavian Occasional Tables, Gustavian Chairs, Gustavian Benches & Gustavian Stools, Gustavian Sofas & Gustavian easy chairs, Gustavian dining tables, Gustavian Sideboards, Gustavian beds, Gustavian bedsie cabinets & Gustavian bedside tables, Gustavian chest of drawers, Gustavian dressing tables, Gustavian desks, Gustavian wardrobes, Gustavian mirrors. Details on our Gustavian furniture.

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