A Century of Design and Craftsmanship

In 1905, Einstein published his first paper on the theory of relativity making famous the equation E=MC2, Orville and Wilber Wright completed their first flight lasting more than thirty minutes, Claude Debussy composed Claire de Lune, and Henry Alfred Framburg started H. A. Framburg and Company in Chicago, Illinois.

Teddy Roosevelt was President and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was on the Supreme Court. Automobiles were slowly replacing the horse and buggy and would become ubiquitous a few years later when mass produced vehicles like the Model T were introduced. Chicago was one of the fastest growing metropolises in the world and reflected the extremes, both good and bad, of the rough individualistic style of American capitalism and society.

Framburg Lighting

“Made in the USA lighting at its finest”

A lighting tradition second to none, Framburg lighting has handcrafted residential lighting , custom lighting, and architectural lighting since 1905. All of our lighting products are made in the USA and boast a variety of metal lighting finishes and scaling options.

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The American Arts and Crafts movement was just beginning; Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School would emerge a few years later. The seeds of revolution were sprouting in Russia and social justice movements like labor and suffrage were gaining momentum in the United States.

Electricity was replacing gas as an illuminating energy source. Light fixtures often used a combination of gas and electricity. Bamboo was the material in early bulb filaments and would later be replaced by carbon filaments. But it wasn’t until the tungsten filament was perfected a few years later that electricity was able to supplant all other forms of artificial light.

Many changes have occurred since 1905 – social, economic, political, and cultural. But some things haven’t changed. Framburg is still producing the highest quality commercial grade and residential lighting fixtures. And each Framburg is designed and handcrafted in the United States of America.

H.A. Framburg & Company
941 Cernan Drive,
Bellwood, IL 60104
(800) 796-5514

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