At Fine Art Tapestries we have a deep love for the home. We consider it a great honor to create unique woven wall decor for your home. The modern wall hanging is better art than traditional oils and prints.  A wall tapestry creates a softer sound environment in a room while making a statement in any home.

From the very beginning, Fine Art Tapestries mission was clear–to become a dedicated and exclusive wall décor company weaving fresh and timeless high quality woven art. Our woven tapestries are inspired by devoted artists worldwide and woven by skilled American textile craftsman. Fine Art Tapestries weaves each design inch by inch, line by line, on European Jacquard Looms

We utilize the most advanced weaving techniques available today. You can see the quality and care in our exquisite accuracy to detail and our abounding color ranges.

Our tapestries are woven with a variety of fibers including cotton, wool, silk, bouclé, chenille, bamboo and even metal.

The dimensionality a tapestry brings to a room is magnificent. Incorporating a cascading soft fabric onto the walls gives the room a layered depth that other mediums just can’t compete with.  Our art appeals to all consumers who love the warmth of textiles and appreciate the grand scale a wall tapestry can offer, striving to take their home decor to a new level of personal expression.

We offer an ever changing vast array of designs and sizes making it a pleasure to find décor that speaks to you. Sit back and take a look at the selection of art we have worked so hard to weave for you.  We hope you agree the selection is unparalleled and the effect of this textured art is stunning. We extend our very best wishes to you and all you hold close to your heart and we hope these tapestries make your world a brighter place.


Many brands in the directory are available on sale directly from James Antony Home and can be delivered quickly to your home via a fully insured white-glove delivery service. James Antony Home does not represent every brand in the directory and not all brands represented are available in all markets; please contact a member of our knowledgeable design staff for pricing and availability.