American Ergonomics Corporation, the leader in dynamic seat technology, is licensing Counter Balanced Motion (CBM) seating solutions for vehicular and office seating. This site contains the latest information on our innovative, industry specific applications of our patented seating technology.

American Ergonomics Corporation is a California corporation engaged in the research and development, prototype manufacturing, patenting, and licensing of several lines of dynamic seating products for the transportation, industrial, office, and ergonomic seating markets.

American Ergonomics Corporation’s mission is research, development, design, and production of ergonomically correct seating systems. The research is focused on methods to support the human body comfortably in seated posture and alleviate back pain. This inventive technology has led to vehicular designs that increase comfort and safety.

The president of American Ergonomics Corporation, Hector Serber, has patented several dynamic seating designs, conducted R&D and managed manufacturing and testing of prototypes with large automakers, aircraft manufacturers, and other seating industries. Based on this extensive knowledge we are available for consulting on ergonomic and safety design. Our objective is to license our intellectual property to manufacturers throughout the world.

PO Box 4285
San Rafael, CA 94913
415 506-4410

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