Eastern Legends

Eastern Legends

The foundation of our company is based upon twenty years of high end furniture retailing. For two decades, the principals of our company have learned the needs and tastes of the high end furniture client. Through the every day business of buying and selling quality furniture products, they have gained “hands-on” experience and a working knowledge of proper finishes, construction, proportion and styling.

Our company is blessed with people who are intimately familiar with the pros and cons of almost every one of the world’s fine furniture factories. With this rich furniture background, our company rightfully claims a working, detailed knowledge of what the American market place needs and demands.

Our story doesn’t just end here, because Eastern Legends is truly a classic case of “East meets West.” It is one thing to understand the American market place, but quite another to understand the culture and business world of China.

Eastern Legends is again, blessed with a unique situation. Our owners not only know and understand the high end American furniture market, but they also have a powerful working knowledge of Chinese production facilities. The fact that they were born and raised in Taiwan has given the executives of our company the ability to communicate with our partners in mainland China. We don’t just place orders and hope for the best. There is always a member of our Eastern Legends management team present at one of our three factories. They are constantly inspecting, designing, and teaching the American way of construction and finishing. This kind of dedication ensures that Eastern Legends can deliver a product as good as anything made anywhere in the world. What we make is “world class.” The quality of our furniture successfully stands up against anything produced in Italy, France, Spain or the United States.

High end furniture stores across the country are rapidly discovering the fantastic value that Eastern Legends offers. In just four short years, our new wholesale division has gained the confidence of many of the most prestigious furniture stores across the United States. We are honored to have them as customers and we do our utmost to maintain the business relationship they have entrusted to us.

We offer extremely fast delivery from our 55,000 square foot warehouse, located in Southern California. Often, orders are shipped from our California facility within a few days of receiving the order. This is because we have a constant flow of product arriving every week from China.

All these expansion plans require a good supply of capital. Fortunately, our company is debt free and our excellent credit rating has given us the respect and approval of several domestic and international banks. Investment capital for the future is available if needed.

The persistent growth of Eastern Legends has inspired us to continue adding new and exciting furniture collections. We hope that these new creations will add to the legacy which has just begun. We invite all our dealers and their clients to join us for the journey.

Eastern Legends Funiture
8855 Flower Rd.
Rancho Cucamnonga, CA, 91730

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