American Elegance

American Elegance

Growing up in Italy, Salvatore Zolferino and Emilio Nastri never envisioned that the two would one day become business partners in America, using their upholstery skills to build a successful manufacturing company in Chino, CA that would one day pass to their children.

When Sal and Emilio came to America in 1954 they wanted to develop skills that would not only support their families, but also bring something from Italy that they knew would help them achieve the American Dream. They learned all they could about upholstering furniture but knew that if they wanted to live their dreams they would have to bring something else to the table. They recognized that American’s loved Italian / European styling so they collaborated with an Italian Tannery and developed a motto of “The best of Both World’s”. This motto would serve as the foundation of Omnia Italian Designs, Inc.

In 1989 the two Italian artisans began a partnership that imported fine Italian leather hides cut to their specifications. They would design and build frames, upholster them with the cut and sewn hides, and ship the finished product to the western United States. As sales increased so did their customer base which would eventually include the entire US as well as international markets.

1993 brought one of the first of major changes to the structure of their growing and now very successful business. Because their products were being so well received, both partners decided that they were going to have to speed up the production process so they began to import full hides from Italy and added a cutting and sewing department to their production facilities.

During this time, Sal’s son Peter and Emilio’s son Louie began showing interest in helping build on the vision that their fathers had started, they also knew and worked hand in hand with all of the company employees. Both men, growing up like many children in family businesses, saw a great future leading this very successful and lucrative company.

Now the President of the company, Peter is a high energy, fast moving leader with an expertise in manufacturing leather products. He is respected by his employees and customers alike for his strong business ethics and excellent character.

Louie, as Vice President, is the flip side to this “fast-moving” coin with his more relaxed demeanor. While Louie also has an eye for selecting the best leathers, his expertise overseeing all the logistics of Omnia Furniture keeps the company running smoothly. His leadership in production, scheduling, quality control and shipping coordination insure that a safe, high quality, and value laden product is provided to Omnia’s customers around the world.

Relationships are the backbone of most great companies and Peter and Louie have not only built long term relationships with their customers, but also with their employees. Many employees have multiple years experience working at Omnia Furniture while several have been with the company almost since the inception. It is the leadership of Peter and Louie that helps create a working environment that is second to none.

The future continues to be exciting for the entire family at Omnia. With an expanded, state of the art production facility added in 2006, and high profile showrooms at both major furniture markets in Las Vegas and High Point, our commitment to providing the very best in design, quality, support and service to our customers remains our top priority. We are grateful to all of our retail partners as we serve to fulfill the vision Sal and Emilio began so many years ago.

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